Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ersta, Yellow

These are two of my wearable sculptures in a photo shoot with my colleague.

Yellow, The Clam, Blind Walker

Yellow. Yellow is a wearable sculpture. She is very shy, but loves to dance!

The Clam. Playful, but very mischievous. Always trying to cause trouble.

Blink Walker.

This is a performance at the AREA exhibition at Dartmouth College in Winter 2008. These pieces walked, ran, and danced around during the opening gala.

There's Fungus Among Us

Bag Lady

The Bag Lady.

No One Suspects the Marshmallows

Forest Creatures

These are creatures of the forest.

Hair Creatures

Hair creatures.


This is the Subaloo. It has an entrance and you can sit inside. It is both a dwelling and creature.


This sculpture is a sort of self portrait. It is a lantern made of fall leaves, all yellow. The top is yellow tissue paper. The light shines down through the bottom, creating the shape of a leaf on the ground. I welded the armature out of steel, with chicken wire lining the inside of the leaves.


Yet another study using gloves as the mold for plaster. I attempted to make the glove form look as 'hand like' as possible, purely with gesture.


This is another study using gloves as a forming method for plaster. For this piece I put wire inside the latex gloves and then filled them with plaster. They turned out disfigured and rusty, and they rest upon a dusty book shelf.

Pillow Monster

Pillow Monster, sometimes referred to as Pillow Suit, is a soft, wearable sculpture made of flannel and polyfill. Pillow Monster has been seen all around Hanover, NH and has recently traveled as far as Boston. Pillow Monster is very friendly and curious.


Ice On Branches Apples Self Portrait

Spider Fingers

This is a plaster sculpture made using rubber gloves as a frame. It was an excercise in altering a familiar shape into something completely different.

Thimble Helmet

This sculpture is a helmet constructed of thimbles. It is on a hat rack that I welded. I was playing with the idea of protection. A thimble on a small scale protects the thumb. A helmet protects the head.

These are a few clay figures sculpted from life.


This sculpture was an installation piece constructed of plywood and paper mache. It was originally inspired by a cactus, but took on a sort of life of it's own.


This sculpture is titled, "Loneliness." It is made of chicken wire and material. This sculpture is the first of my 'wearable' sculptures. A person can wear this creature, and become "Loneliness." I did a film using Loneliness, having him walk ever so slowly across Dartmouth campus. Some people ignored him, some were surprised, but quickly escaped his path. Others came up to question him, in which case he would respond with only a bow. I am very interested in the interaction between art and people. What happens when something from, well, a different world, enters into ours? How does it fit? Can it fit? What story and character does it create?

Sculpture, The Beginning

This is one of my first pieces. It is carved from a cube of plaster, measuring 1ft/1ft/1ft. The piece is called "Comfort."