Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final Drape for the Term! Numero 5

This is my final drape for this term's draping class. This is an a-symmetrical ball gown based on a rendering from a production of Macbeth. It was an interesting and different challenge working from a more abstract source. I'm happy with how things turned out but definitely wouldn't have minded more time to work on this one -- I think that the skirt could be fuller, perhaps with some pleating...or maybe it would just be different with lighter weight fabric, larger petticoat...the factors are endless! Once we looked at the drape in class it was also brought to my attention the different possibilities for the bodice -- it might be more flattering to have it cut down under the arm in front, lowering and taking away what I had in back. Anyway, I love how many ways there are to interpret something and the more I learn and look the more options I have to draw upon and think through. Sometimes it's crazy trying to choose what to do, but in the end you just have to try it and learn from it and just keep making it better as you gain more experience and continue to experiment with what works.