Summer 2013 -- Just keeping track!

So as I begin my summer vacation/work, I just want to keep track of all that I do and make. There are so many things to accomplish! One of my goals is to at least make something/work on something every day, even if it is super simple! So, here we go!

First random project -- so, a friend of mine gave me some giant googly eyes...and as I was pondering what to do with them, something hit me and I had an idea. I feel like this hasn't happened in a long time, but I just had the urge to make a creature. I had this red fur that I've had in my fabric box for probably 3 or 4 years now (I remember getting it while I was at Dartmouth) and I was like yes! This is it! he is:

I then remembered that I had a whole little box of tentacles (yeah...apparently that's what I have in storage! hahahaha). So anyway, the tentacles are perfect for this guy!! I still need to stitch the tentacles into a little unit. My idea is that you can keep the tentacles in, or take them out. When they're out, they'll also have little googly eyes at the top, so it can become a whole separate googly-eyed creature if one so chooses. Yayaya! So excited!

Next, I needed a place to put my safety I made a cushion. Not so very exciting, but handy!

Continuing forward, in sorting through all my boxes o' junk, I had a crazy amount of fabric, I made another pouf. (I had made a different one earlier in the year with other fabric scraps). Yay!

I was given a challenge by my parents - our dog, Lulu gets crazy scared in thunder storms...I had heard of a vest for dogs that supposedly comforts them...and taking a look at it I was like, this would be fun to make! So, here you have it -- the pattern for the soothing-during-thunder-storms dog vest:

 (It wraps around their belly nice and snug and also around their neck/chest. Doggie swaddling blanket!) I'll make it out of a double-layer stretch jersey. It secures with velcro. Coming soon!