Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Draping Project!

For my first draping project I was given this drawing of a 1950's era dress. With draping you build a clothing form three-dimensionally on a dress form. You start with basic shapes -- bodice, skirt, sleeves, etc. -- and then work with them on the form in order to create the silhouette that you need. For this particular project I did not actually finish the garment. The finished product is what you see; a half, muslin mock-up pinned to the form. If I were to bring this to completion, the next step would be to use my pattern that I created from the fabric peices to cut out the whole garment in muslin and sew it together completely. I would then fit it on whoever it was made for, make the alterations to my pattern and hopefully cut the actual garment, sew it, fit it again, make any more final adjustments, and finish it (lining, zippers, buttons, etc.).