Saturday, October 13, 2012

18th Century Underthings!

School started off with a bang going into full production for the play, "The Rivals." I created the costume for the character Julia, from the undergarments up -- Petticoat, stays, and bumroll. I can't emphasize how much I learned on this project. I was very happy with how everything turned out and I know where I would change things next time. I'm looking forward to implementing these new found insights in my next project!

I patterned the corset based off of a stays pattern from Corsets and Crinolines. The corset is made of two layers of coutil and 1/4" steel bones. The petticoat is silk taffeta. I patterned the bumroll based on various examples and the shape I was aiming for based on the rendering. The bumroll is made of muslin and stuffed tightly with polyfill. It is attached to the interior of the petticoat undrneath a later of gathered netting to smooth out the transition from bumroll to petticoat...and to give it a little extra poof! The bumroll is attached to the petticoat in an attempt to keep everything together and in the right placement for the actress.