Monday, December 10, 2012

Drape the 4th: 1500s

Here is the fourth drape in the 'speed drape' series. One more to go! This particular one is based on a fairly stylistic rendering. Based on my research I tagged it as 16th century with a few stylistic and modern twists. Looking at this drape, I would like to have the bodice be a bit more straight and flat instead of curved to the form...this can be helped with proper period undergarments. The corset that I used is more from the 18th century, but was the best I could find. Ah well! Other notes, I gathered the skirt in the front, which is what the rendering indicated, but which is not really period. In period skirts, the front seems to remain pretty flat and smooth. This particular rendering had a very full and gathered-looking skirt. With more time I think tiny knife pleats would be really nice here.