Saturday, December 26, 2015

Starting Fresh -- Let's Try This Again!

Time has passed -- looks like about 2 years! -- since I last posted anything. That's crazy talk! I have decided that I need to get back into casually documenting what I am working on, if only just for myself and tracking what the heck I do!

So let's see -- a lot has happened. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with my Masters of Fine Arts in Costume Production in the spring of 2014. I worked part-time at Krostyne Studio once again from 2014-15, getting a chance to work on lots of amazing shows! I was also given the amazing opportunity to teach Stagecraft at CMU, which I have enjoyed thoroughly! I also began to teach classes at Cut and Sew Studio, which I absolutely adore! Water Aerobics is of course still a large part of my life and I teach it 2 x a week, once at CMU and once at the Kingsley Association. I also got a puppy! His name is Brock and he's an awesome corgi!

I am currently teaching various classes at Cut and Sew Studio -- draping, pattern basics, alterations workshops, kids workshops, etc. I am also teaching Stagecraft at CMU as well as continuing with Water Aerobics. Brock is training to be a therapy dog (someday...) and I'm still looking for a musical outlet.

I think I'm just going to post a smorgasbord of things that I have worked on and done, going into detail as I can at a later point in time! For a more organized look at my costuming work, please check out my website:

So here we go!

I had the wonderful opportunity to make doublets, shirts, and a cape, for my dear friend's brother's wedding! I'm so honored to have been a part of this! The groom's doublet is made from leather. All  the seams are corded and there is a decorative silver trim. The other two doublets are made from combinations of different fabrics, corded and bound with silver, all custom made for each individual. I had a great time visiting Texas for the fittings! (Summer 2014).

At Krostyne Studio I worked on patterning and making seven camisoles. This is an example of one of my favorites. They are pretty much all based on the same base shape with variations in necklines and sleeves.  (Summer and Fall 2014)

These are costumes that I worked on stitching at Krostyne Studio. (Fall 2014).