Thursday, March 31, 2011

These new creatures are much more complicated than previous ones -- I experimented a bit with color and combining different colors, instead of just sticking with one. Using both normal plastic bags and garbage bags in one creature created some interesting texture differences, as well as different reflective properties. On both the creatures, I elongated the arms so that they would drag more thoroughly on the ground. The bag tassels are also all different sizes -- not just short. I've included some very long tassels as well. I like to think of the calico one as a very very old creature. He's had time to accumulate a lot of different bags from all different time periods. The pure white creature is like a ghost of the creatures -- it's amplified in it's texture and weight as well. Compared to the rest of the creatures, this white one is incredibly light...almost fragile.

I am still working on a musical composition for the bag creatures. I have been working a lot with my electric violin and looping different short melodies and rhythmic textures. I am thinking about their slow journey across the world, their hope, and their curiosity. I definitely want to incorporate the actual sounds of the plastic bags.