Saturday, February 16, 2013


This semester I've started a new class about stretch fabrics -- how to drape, pattern, and sew with them. Quite exciting! We started off the semester with a leotard. My professor gave me one of her patterns. I cut the fabric ans stitched it all together as a sort of practice round of getting used to the fabric and learning some stretch sewing techniques without worrying about the pattern and alterations.

Working in stretch is really interesting -- it is very different than working with 'regular' fabric. It's both more finicky and more forgiving at the same takes a lot of trial and a lot of just doing it! I'm really looking forward to working more with it!

Here's me trying the leotard just for kicks! -- Since it is stretch fabric, even though it is not really my size, it still fits surprisingly well! You can see the drag lines where in would need to be made smaller for me. Out of curiosity I compared the leotard to one of my swimsuits -- my swimsuit is shorter in the torso as well as smaller across both waist and chest...makes sense.