Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tailoring II -- Vest and Trousers

I finished drafting the pattern for my trousers and vest and had my first fitting a couple weeks ago. Once again I'm making these things for my boyfriend, Matt. I decided to do a double breasted vest with a collar...mainly because I've never done a double-breasted anything and I could use more collar the vest is pretty awesome. It's based on a 1890s vest draft. For some reason all of the drafts that we could find do not include a full collar -- it always seems to go into the shoulder seam. We know there were and are most definitely vests that have full collars, so I'm not sure what's up with this...anywho, I had to drape the collar to figure out how it all works with the vest.

So, here's Matt at the first fitting -- everything went pretty well! I'm really happy with how the trousers turned out. They have pleats and cuffs (again, just wanted to try some things I've never done before). We've decided that this crazy conglomerate of time periods and styles has equaled Captain Nemo. So here's Matt as Captain Nemo, fitting number 1!