Thursday, May 17, 2012

Victorian Outfit, Draping Final Project


For my final draping project I draped and constructed an 1870's Victorian outfit based on a rendering. I started as per the usual with a 1/2 muslin mock-up, patterned it and went into my first full muslin mock-up. I mocked up the skirts in the actual fabric because of their quantity and I was fairly confident in their fit. At any rate, I fitted the first mock up, corrected the pattern and mocked up the bodice once again in coutile this time. I could then alter the coutile as need be and go straight into flatlining it with the fashion fabric.  The final bodice is coutile flat lined with the striped cotton.  There are flexible bones at every seam. The bustle and train are lined with a maroon poly-taffeta. Though I didn't completely get to finish everything, the bodice has hand covered buttons and closes with a combination of snaps and hooks. The model is wearing a corset, cage bustle, and petticoat to help create the right shape. These photos are the project in various stages of completion, from the muslin to the fashion fabric.